Championship Ring of Russell Westbrook

The Oklahoma City Thunder point guard, Russell Westbrook, has been on a journey of ups and downs.

He started off his career with a bang by winning the Rookie of the Year award in 2012 and averaging 23.6 points per game that year. But then he had a series of injuries that slowed him down and saw him miss out on much of the next four seasons…

The Birth of Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook was born on November 12, 1988 in LA. He is the only child of Monica Taylor and Rodney Westbrook.

Early Years in High School and College

Westbrook attended Leuzinger High School in Inglewood, California. Westbrook’s natural ability on the basketball court was evident at an early age, and he quickly became one of the top players in the country. He was recruited by many elite college programs, including UCLA, USC, UNLV, Texas, Louisville and Memphis.

But while touring UCLA with his mother during his senior year of high school, Westbrook saw a player for the Bruins named Darren Collison who had just finished eating lunch. Collison expressed to Westbrook that he’d like him to play for his hometown; Collison had grown up in Sacramento—which is about three hours away from Inglewood. Without hesitation, Westbrook committed to UCLA that day.

He averaged 14 points per game, 4.3 rebounds per game, and 3 assists per game his freshman year at UCLA

College Career Highlights

On February 19, 2008, Westbrook scored a career-high 41 points against the Oregon Ducks which included an array of dunks. He wore number 0 throughout his time at UCLA.

Westbrook was named Third Team All-American by the Associated Press in 2008. That same year, he also earned First Team All-Conference honors in the Pac-10.

As a junior for UCLA , he averaged 16 points along with 4 rebounds and 4 assists per game.

Draft Day 2010

A couple weeks before the NBA draft, I was just starting to think about Russell Westbrook and what it might be like if he looked at me and my team.

I had seen him play in person a few years ago. He was phenomenal. The way he could control the game with his athleticism and passing really caught my attention. I loved the way he played and loved seeing him in person. He was everything I loved about basketball: fast, athletic, and aggressive.

I loved that when he got possession of the ball, he became unstoppable; you couldn’t leave your feet when he had it because his crossover was always ready to go.

Oklahoma City Thunder Days

Russell Westbrook is a basketball player who was born in Los Angeles, California and attended Leuzinger High School. He committed to UCLA and played for three and a half years and then was drafted into the NBA draft by the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Russell Westbrook’s mother, Monica Taylor, is from Oklahoma City. This led to Westbrook committing to play for the University of Oklahoma where he would have an opportunity to play under his mother’s hometown team.

How Many Rings Does Westbrook Have

Westbrook doesn’t have a ring because the Oklahoma City Thunder hasn’t been to the playoffs in six years, but he still has a championship ring! He is going to be honored with this type of award for being an all-around player.


Russell Westbrook is a player who has been the recipient of many accolades during his time in basketball. He was once named Rookie of the Year and Third Team All-American, among other honors.

His journey to success has not always been easy but he continues to push on with determination and grit, proving that anything can be achieved if you work hard enough for it. The Oklahoma City Thunder point guard started off his career with a bang, winning the Rookie of the Year award in 2012 and averaging 23.6 points per game that year…

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