Chuck Howley – Super Bowl MVP

Chuck Howley was the MVP of Super Bowl V. He had 3 tackles and 1 pass defended, but his fumble recovery for a touchdown won him the title. The Cowboys lost this game by just one point, so it’s not like he did anything spectacular-the team as a whole played well.

But because there is no such thing as an individual’s Super Bowl MVP award, despite being asked about it many times over the years, Chuck doesn’t care that he didn’t win anything else besides fame and respect.

Who is he Only Player from a Losing Team to be Awarded Super Bowl MVP

Chuck Howley was born on September 10th, 1938 in Tyler, Texas. He played college football at the University of West Virginia before being drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in 1961.

He would play for the Cowboys for his entire career, and was a five-time Pro Bowler. Howley is also a two-time Super Bowl champion, and was named MVP of Super Bowl V even though the Cowboys lost the game.

Chuck Howley’s Current Life

After retiring from professional football in 1977, Chuck started coaching for the Philadelphia Eagles (an assistant linebackers coach) and then the San Diego Chargers (secondary). He would eventually go into scouting for both teams and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1990. He lives with his wife Cheri Howley in Fort Worth.

Chuck Howley’s Achievements

Chuck was named MVP of Super Bowl V even though the Cowboys lost.

He was named to five Pro Bowls. He is a two-time Super Bowl champion, being on the Cowboys’ roster when they won in 1972 and 1977.

Howley was selected seventh overall in the 1958 NFL Draft by the Chicago Bears, playing for two seasons before retiring after what appeared to be a career-ending knee injury he sustained in August 1959, at training camp in Rensselaer, Indiana. He played just three games late in that season and was inactive in 1960. He returned to West Virginia that year to take a job running a filling station, planning to permanently retire from professional football.

Howley decided to make a comeback in 1961 following a West Virginia alumni game. The Bears traded his rights to the Dallas Cowboys in exchange for second (#20-Steve Barnett and ninth (#118-Monte Day) round draft choices in the 1963 NFL Draft.

What Others Say About ChuckHowley”Chuck Howley had an outstanding game… He did an incredible job of bringing down Duane Thomas on the one-yard line.” (Tom Landry, Cowboys’ head coach)

“Chuck was a very unique player. Not only did he have great speed and strength, but he had incredible will power and determination. A lot of people were quicker and stronger than him, but they didn’t want to play as hard. He was a very special player.” (Bob Lilly, Cowboys’ defensive lineman)

“I had great respect for him on and off the field. I think he’s one of the best football players whoever put their cleats on…from a standpoint of toughness.” (Tom Landry – Dallas Cowboys head coach)

Chuck Howley’s Family

Chuck Howley is the father of four children: three daughters and one son. He is also the grandfather of six children.

His son, Chuck Howley Jr., played college football at the University of Houston.

His daughter Cindy Howley was killed in an automobile accident on May 29th, 1981.

He lives with his wife Cheri Howley in Fort Worth.


It’s easy to see why Chuck Howley has been so respected and admired by those who know him. Not only is he a two-time Super Bowl champion, but also an MVP of the game even though his team lost. He’s had many achievements in football as well as life outside of it, such as becoming an assistant coach for both Philadelphia and San Diego before going into scouting.

Those who knew him to say that not only was he one of the best players they’ve seen play football, but also very tough and determined off the field too. It sounds like anyone would be lucky to have this man on their side!

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