How to Get the Best Deals on Pink Friday

Pink Friday is a shopping extravaganza. It’s the biggest sale of the Year! The Pink Friday Sale starts Black Friday until Cyber Monday. This year, shoppers will be able to get their favorite items at unbelievable prices on some of the most sought-after fashion and beauty products. Shopping for your holiday essentials just got easier because there is no need to leave your homes as long as you have an internet connection and credit card in hand ready to go online and shop till you drop!

Avoid the crowds and get a great deal

Make sure you are at the front of the line when it starts to avoid any potential problems with getting what you want at a great price. Arrive early enough so above all else if you aren’t first in line it is still possible for you to be in the front half of people waiting when the store opens. That way if there is a rush of people behind you and your regional store allows re-entry after exiting, at least you have a decent shot at being able to leave and come back without losing your place. Also if your store allows more than one person per credit card and you have a significant other, bring them with you. If there is a problem with your card and you can’t use it at first, they might be able to swipe their card for the purchase instead, as some stores will allow friends and family to do this as long as they are on the account as an additional user or joint holder.

How early should I arrive before the pink Friday sale starts?

For those who wish to camp out, wait until around 9:00 PM on Thanksgiving night (if that’s when most of your regional Black Friday sales start) to show up at the store. That way if there is any drama over people waiting in line too early (which we had happened once we moved from Wal-Mart – a store that allows people to stay in their parking lot for a limited time before opening – to Best Buy, where they don’t allow people to even show up until hours after the advertised sale start) you will at least be there just as the line is allowed to form and not miss out on any sales.

When does Pink Friday start?

For those in major cities who have a lot of sales going on all at once, be sure to know where you want to go first and stick with that plan. Otherwise, you might spend a good deal of time just trying to get from one place to another if there is any sort of delay or traffic/parking problems near that store or the surrounding area. Many people arrive extremely early for Black Friday sales so parking is limited and foot traffic tends to be especially heavy around shopping areas.


The best time to get the most bang for your buck is on pink Friday sales. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start shopping! Whether it’s a new TV, tablet or even shoes, we have all the deals that will make your day complete. We also want to remind shoppers everywhere that if they find something they like better while browsing other stores online, keep in mind that many of them offer free shipping with no minimum purchase required. That means you can buy one item from each store without having to worry about paying any additional shipping fees at checkout! Happy hunting everyone- see you next year!”

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