Howard Livingston: Meet this awesome musician

Howard Livingston is a musician who was born in Manhattan to a musical family. He was exposed to music at all times, which helped develop his ear for it from a young age.

He has been around the world and played in many different places, but he says that playing in New York City is always his favorite place to play because of its energy.

Read to find out more about the creator of many upbeat songs that we all know and love.

Early life

Howard Livingston was born on the 25th of March, 1968, to a musical family in Manhattan. He had parents that both played music, and his father was always involved with music groups.

His father pushed him into playing the trumpet because he loved giving his son gifts. Howard started to play at the age of five years old. He also became interested in many different instruments as time went on, but never completely gave up on the trumpet.


Howard’s music career as a composer and as a member of the Mile Marker 24 Band. He has led the band since he joined them in 2003. What began as a hobby has now turned into not only his job, but also his passion.

He and his bandmates enjoy performing and recording their music. The Mile Marker 24 Band features artists that sing and play guitar, drums, keyboards, saxophone and trumpet. They have been booked for many events around the country and have released five albums with original compositions to date.

Howard Livingston is responsible not only for composing original songs for the Mile Marker 24 Band but also for programming synthesizers. He loves to see people dance at their live performances because it gives him joy to see people enjoy what they’re doing.

His family has been a huge support to him and his career, and he always enjoys going home to be with them. He is married with one daughter that is currently attending college in the United States – Howard says she’s studying philosophy.

He also loves playing at Carnegie Hall – it’s a place he has always wanted to play in and is one of his dreams. He holds the experience very close to him.

When asked what the best thing about being a musician is, he says “seeing people move.”

Howard Livingston remains active in New York City’s music scene today by performing with bands and acting as band leader for Mile Marker 24. He is currently working on solo material, which may be released to the public at some point in 2015.


The Mile Marker 24 Band has released five albums of original songs with Howard Livingston composing the music. The band includes artists who sing, drums, keyboards, saxophone and trumpet. That’s about it for now!

“I always enjoy performing at events around the country and seeing different types of people enjoy themselves while they dance to our music. I am very appreciative of my family’s support and love coming back home after I am gone on tour. I love being a musician and I hope to continue traveling the world with my family, fans and friends.”

Howard Livingston net worth

Howard Livingston has a net worth of $2 million.


Howard Livingston and Mile Marker 24 have been booked for many events around the country and released five albums so far, including original compositions by their lead composer, Howard himself! If you’re looking for someone to provide upbeat tunes at your next event, search for Mile Marker 24 and book them now!

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