Michael Jordan – The NBA’s Greatest Player of All Time

He was born on February 17, 1963, in Brooklyn, New York and was the son of James and Deloris Jordan. Michael Jordan was bred into basketball because his father was a professional basketball player.

He later went on to become an iconic figure not only for his athletic talents but also for his sense of style. A lot of people don’t know that he actually retired from playing Basketball after winning three consecutive National Championships with the Chicago Bulls!

His first year in college, he was named an All-American and won a national title with his team

Michael Jordan had an amazing career in the NBA. However, his career didn’t start out that way.

In fact, his first year in college, he was named an All-American and won a national title with his team. He then transferred to the University of Illinois where he played for three seasons before being drafted into the NBA.

When was Michael Jordan drafted?

In 1984 he was drafted from the NBA from the Houston Rockets to the Chicago Bulls where he played until 1993 when he retired from basketball after winning three NBA Championships and two Olympic Gold Medals.

In 1989 Michael Jordan was selected as a member of the “NBA All-Star Team” for a record 14th time and again in 1990. In 1993, Jordan won his final Dream Team spot – playing guard alongside Magic Johnson, Larry Bird,

He won five championships and six MVP awards as a professional basketball player;

Not to mention his incredible list of records, nine of which are being broken as we speak. During his tenure he was named MVP five times and earned 14 All-Star honors. He won two Olympic gold medals.

During his career, Michael Jordan averaged 30.12 points per game and shot 50% from the field. He also was an incredible free throw shooter at 89%. These are statistics that nobody will ever beat!

He had some great accomplishments in the course of his career, but what really set him apart from other players was not just that he was good at what he did, but that he loved it.

After retiring from basketball, Jordan returned as a player for the Washington Wizards in 2001 before retiring again in 2003.

In 2009, at the age of 50, Michael Jordan made a comeback as a player for the Charlotte Bobcats.

That is truly an amazing record to have! What do you think it takes to be able to come back after being away from the sport for 15 years?

He later became the owner and president of the Charlotte Bobcats, which he renamed the Charlotte Hornets in 2014. He has also had a major endorsement career, appearing in Nike ads.

In addition, he has been the majority owner of the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats since 2010.

Today, MJ is worth over $650 million dollars and has been inducted into both the Basketball Hall of Fame (inducted 2009) and Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame (inducts 2010). He also holds many other titles including “the best ever” by ESPN’s SportsCentury list; “Sportsman of The Century” by International Olympic Committee; “Male Athlete Of The Twentieth Century” by Associated Press; “Greatest Player In NBA History” by Sporting News; and more!

To this day, Jordan still has the ability to generate both wonder and awe. People everywhere are fascinated by him. Whether it’s because of his fame or how hard he worked, Michael Jordan inspires people from all walks of life!

In 2013, Forbes named Michael Jordan as the highest-paid retired athlete for the second year in a row, with an estimated earning of $60 million.

In 2014, Michael Jordan was inducted into the Basketball Hall Of Fame for the second time in his career. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) gave him the Arthur Ashe Courage Award in 2002 for his support of affected people during and after 9/11.

He was also inducted into the “Georgia Sports Hall Of Fame” as a two-time Member in 2002 and the “Florida Sports Hall Of Fame” as one of six members in 2009.

During MJ’s illustrious career as a basketball player, he not only set records but inspired others to do their best as well!


The NBA’s Greatest Player of All Time, Michael Jordan has certainly lived up to his title. He is an incredible athlete who has inspired many people from all walks of life.

Whether it’s because of how famous he is or how hard he worked, Jordan definitely deserves this title! He has accomplished countless things in the course of his career and is still considered one of the best NBA players ever.

Jordan has had an incredible career and will remain in our history books.

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