Mike Tyson fitness regime

Mike Tyson fitness regime

Mike Tyson was a heavyweight boxer who won the world title in 1987. He lost his title to Buster Douglas in 1990, but he remained active until 2005. But how did Mike’s body change through this time? And how much did he weigh at the height of his career?

According to reports, Mike Tyson had an early life characterized by street fighting and drugs. He was a felon at the age of 12 and he often ran away from home spending nights in the streets and getting into fights.

Tyson recalls how he entered a boxing gym for the first time because the police chased him and how it was then that he decided to learn how to defend himself from them. In 1980, at only 13 years of age Tyson became the youngest boxer to win a junior tournament in the US. In 1982, one year later, he won the Junior Olympic Games.

Mike Tyson how much weight in boxing

During this time his body changed dramatically, he weighed only 11 kg when his weight was measured at 58-60 kg when dehydrated. His height was about 1.65 m and his weight was at the maximum of 95 kg.

Tyson’s body fat percent is also very low, it was only 4% in the rematch with Evander Holyfield as well as for the first time that they fought each other.

How much did Mike Tyson weigh

With a growing number of fights under his belt, he gained the support of Cus D’Amato who saw in him a young talented boxer with a strong personality and was willing to do whatever it took to be on top.

Mike Tyson wakes up at 4am to eat breakfast . Then he would go to the gym for a hard workout. He did about 5 miles in the morning and then he does another 5 miles in the evening before dinner.

Tyson’s daily diet

Tyson’s daily diet is very strict, he eats 5-6 times a day, this includes whole eggs with cheese and bacon, 2 cups of coffee with sugar in the morning, about 6 pancakes or 1.5 kg steak at breakfast.

His other meals are meat with potatoes and vegetables, fish fillet with rice pudding for lunch and sandwiches for dinner.

His favorite dish is steak with cheese, but no sauce. He eats all food within 20-30 minutes except pancakes because they take too long to eat. The reason he doesn’t like sauces is because they contain sugar. He drinks about 5 liters of water per day.

Tyson’s daily workout routine

Tyson’s workout routine is very exhausting, he starts with a speed bag for 8-10 minutes, then goes to heavy bag for 5-8 rounds and finishes it off with 1 hour of abdominal crunches every day. He also does several hours of road work to build endurance, often getting up in the morning at 4am for this.

Tyson’s goals were not just to be a great boxer but he wanted to have an extraordinary body that would stand out from the rest and make him look like “an Adonis”. He has indeed achieved his goal after

Today the question how much did Mike Tyson weigh when he was in his prime isn’t relevant because he’s not in this stage anymore.


We can say that Mike Tyson is a big example of how hard work and determination can take you high in your career. In the beginning of his career he weighed only 58kg but after 10 years he gained massive muscle mass reaching 95 kg from fighting against world’s strongest boxers out there. He was motivated by Cus D’Amato

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