Sam Bradford – Life After Retirement

In a lot of cases, people get injured and they have to quit their sport. In many cases, these injuries can be devastating- not only for the person who got hurt but also for those around them. What is Sam Bradford’s story? It may provide some inspiration or hope in moments like this.

Sam Bradford was a high school quarterback that tore his ACL and MCL before senior year, which meant he had to retire from football. He could have just walked away from the game completely after such a significant injury, but instead, he decided to do something different with his life! Read on to learn what he did next- you might find it inspiring!

Sam Bradford’s Career Statistics

In high school, he was the QB for 5 years and started for 4 of those years. He played college football for the University of Oklahoma and was a Heisman Trophy finalist. He was drafted by the St. Louis Rams in 2010 and played for them until being traded to the Philadelphia Eagles in 2015. He is currently a free agent.

Sam Bradford’s After Injury

Now, let’s discuss what happened after he got hurt. Although it hurts when you get injured and have to retire from your sport, it doesn’t mean that all is lost or that you can never overcome your injury and choose a different path in life!

Instead of retiring from the game, Sam Bradford decided to add a different sport to his NFL career. The amazing part is that he ended up being really good at this other sport! He decided he wanted to play basketball in college and enrolled at the University of Oklahoma for one year while rehabbing from his injury.

During that season, Sam was named an All-American and an Academic All-Big 12 performer. He ended up deciding to return to football after the season, but he went back to college for another year- this time playing basketball, but also taking classes in order to get his degree. After his sophomore year, he again chose football over basketball and turned pro.

What’s even more impressive is that Sam Bradford was able to make a comeback. He was invited to participate in the NFL combine and ended up being drafted by the St. Louis Rams with the first overall pick in 2010! If you’ve been injured before, then you might find that it’s not too late to get back into your sport or even into another sport that you love!

The Injury That Ended Sam Bradford’s NFL Career

The injury that ended Sam Bradford’s NFL career was a torn ACL and MCL in October. This happened before his senior year in high school, so he was sidelined for the season. Instead of sitting around and moping, he decided to try something different with his life.

You can find out more about Sam Bradford’s injury and his decision to enroll again in a later post too! For now, though, you might want to look at your own life and think about what you could do if you ever found yourself in a similar situation.

What is Sam Bradford Doing Now

Now that Sam Bradford is no longer playing in the NFL, he has plenty of time to do other things. For one, he is now a spokesman for the St. Louis Rams and the Philadelphia Eagles. He also does a lot of philanthropic work. In 2016, he started the “Sam Bradford Chapter 7 Foundation”. This foundation helps provide resources to people who are in need.

On top of all that, Sam Bradford is also a father! He and his wife have two children- a daughter and a son. It’s clear that he is a busy man, but he seems to be handling retirement well!


Sam Bradford has had a very successful career as an NFL quarterback. The injury he sustained in October of his senior year, however, was crippling to the point that it ended his football-playing days before they even began. Instead of giving up on sports altogether though, Sam used this time off from playing football to pursue other interests and passions-namely basketball!

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