Successful Career of Tyson Fury

Early Career

Although he came from an amateur boxing family, Tyson Fury only made his way into the world of professional boxing at the age of 18. This decision was based on a lack of other options and it would prove to be a very wise one.

The first fight that Tyson Fury had as a professional boxer ended up being against Sefer Seferi who he beat in just four rounds.

This victory put him on the radar for many big name organizations and promoters, but he would stay signed to Frank Maloney for another four fights before making his way onto another promoter’s roster.

Reaching the Top of Boxing

In the 2016 Rio Olympics, Fury competed as a heavyweight for Great Britain. In his first fight, he was knocked out in the second round by Oleksandr Usyk of Ukraine. His time on the international level would end there, but at this point in his career he had already managed to find success in many different aspects of boxing.

Fury ended up fighting his way onto the Prizefighter tournament, which was a big achievement for him considering he had not yet fought under the promotional banner of Frank Warren.

His first fight on this stage saw him beat Martin Rogan in just two rounds. He would go on to face the highly favored Dereck Chisora who he knocked out in the fourth round. Meanwhile, his popularity among boxing fans continued to grow as he was able to raise £50,000 for charity through his appearances.

Fury would continue growing his resume by winning another world title just days before his 24th birthday. At this point in time, Fury was not yet a member of the promotional team

Current Status and Future Plans

After his victory against Wladimir Klitschko, Tyson Fury has been on the sidelines. He is currently awaiting a hearing with British Boxing Board of Control that may or may not clear him to box again.

It is possible that this ruling will happen before late next week which would make Fury eligible to fight Deontay Wilder for the heavyweight championship of the world. This fight would be a rematch between their first fight in 2015 where Fury ended up winning a decision.

Groups such as “Boxing News 24” have already claimed that the chances of another rematch happening are about 50-50. Meanwhile, Fury has been seen out and about with boxing trainer Ben Davison who he might end up signing to train him.

One thing is for sure, Fury is a fighter who has been able to achieve the highest levels in the sport of boxing.

Personal Life

Tyson Fury’s parents are John Fury and Lady Frances. He has two sisters, Ciara and Raine, as well as four brothers, Tommy, Billy Joe Jr., David, and Joseph.

Fury has five children between him and his partner Paris-Michael Kullberg – Prince John James Klitschko (born 2014), Prince Tyson Fury II (born 2016), Prince Tony Bellew (born 2017), Princess Tysone Jade Klitschko (born 2018), and Prince Desmond James Fury (born 2019).

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Tyson Fury is a successful boxer who has achieved success in many different ways. He was born to an amateur boxing champion, but he never had the opportunity to fight as one himself because he started professional fighting at just 18 years old. Since then, Tyson Fury has gone on to become a unified heavyweight champion and continues his journey today!

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