The Origin of Genshin Impact Game

The Origin of Genshin Impact Game is an upcoming action role-playing game for mobile devices.

The game’s set in a world that has been taken over by the “darkness”. Players take control of a party of four characters and must defeat the darkness to restore order to the world.

The game was first announced in February, 2017, and is being developed by Reverie World Studios. The player’s job is to explore dungeons and find items which will allow them to fight back against the dark forces corrupting their land.

Genshin Impact features both single-player gameplay as well as multiplayer co-op mode where players can join up with friends or other people they meet online. This will be made possible via its cross-platform play.

How to play the game

The gameplay of Genshin Impact is quite simple. With the help of your party members, you need to explore dungeons and find items for crafting new weapons or leveling up your health or magic power.

You will have a lot of random encounters throughout the dungeon so you need to be always on the lookout for those enemies. When they appear you will need to start attacking them as soon as possible or your party members might fall prey to them. In this case, you will have to retry from the last save point.

Players can recruit and train monsters, and select them as members of their party. The player is given the option to strengthen their characters via jobs and crafts. There are five classes available: warrior, magician, thief, priestess and hunter.

There exist different types of battles in the game such as Monster Battles which allows players to fight powerful enemies and gain EXP to strengthen their characters, Boss Battles which requires players to defeat a powerful boss enemy in order to get rare items and craft new weapons, and Colosseum Battles which occur when the player meets another player online. Here they can fight against each other or team up with one another.

Why is this a popular game in Japan

Genshin Impact has gathered much attention among Japanese players, partly due to the fact that it offers fast-paced action-RPG gameplay on mobile devices. The game will be set in a world where its inhabitants are oppressed by demons and forces of darkness which players will have to vanquish.

With this premise, Genshin Impact has managed to attract players due to its similarity with other action role-playing games on PC where the player is tasked with completing quests which eventually lead them to face off against large bosses.

The game’s co-op mode also helps increase its popularity among Japanese players who are looking for games that can be played with their friends.

Genshin Impact’s cross-platform play allows them to easily find players they can team up with, even if they’re on different devices.

Future plans for Genshin Impact Game Company

Having managed to gather a large number of interested players, Genshin Impact has attracted developers’ attention and is planning to offer post-launch content which includes new playable characters and dungeons.

The game’s developer also plans to improve their communication with players and implement solid feedback tools as well as various fixes and adjustments to the gameplay.

The developer also plans to keep working on improving their game so it can be enjoyed by a large crowd of players for a long time.

How to join friends in genshin impact

There are two ways of joining your friends in Genshin Impact. The first one is going through the “Friends” section of the game and simply adding a friend who already has an account on Genshinko’s website.

In case you can not find your friend there, you will need to send your friend an invitation email through the “Invite Friend” section of website.


Genshin Impact has managed to gather a large number of fans in Japan largely due to its co-op multiplayer mode and fast-paced action-RPG gameplay. The game is still in development but it seems it will be worth the wait when it comes out later this year.

The game’s developer, Reverie World Studios, has made it possible to join the game with your friends regardless of which device they’re using. This way Genshin Impact can be enjoyed by a large crowd of players for a long time.

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