The ultimate guide for styling your favorite NBA jersey

It’s not easy to find the right size and you need to do some research before purchasing a jersey online. Start by checking out eBay auctions or NBA forums where other fans might have posted their own experiences about wearing various sizes of jerseys from different brands.

Don’t rush into buying a jersey that doesn’t fit just because it is on sale or close to game day.

Find the right size.

NBA jerseys come in men’s cut and women’s cut. Look at the size chart for your preferred brand before you buy.

Women can wear either a unisex small, medium, large, X-large, or 2X-Large jersey. Men should consider purchasing an NBA jersey that is a size smaller than what they would normally wear to get a closer fit.

Don’t pay for shipping twice.

If you’re ordering your NBA jersey online, don’t forget to get an exchange policy so that you can return the wrong size and obtain the right one. Some merchants even allow returns on custom jerseys after games have begun so be sure to contact them for more information.

Give your jersey some time to breathe.

When you receive your new NBA jersey, avoid washing it right away because the colors may run and the material might shrink. Instead, give it 24-48 hours before putting it into use to ensure that all elements are intact.

Choose a color scheme for your team

Put together outfits that are stylish and match your style. Try pairing a basic shirt with a more trendy pair of pants. On the other hand, you can add a hip-hop edge to your look by opting for baggy jeans and a jersey that has large white stripes running down the arms.

No matter what style you go for, just remember to choose colors that suit your personality best.

Wear your NBA Jersey with pride

No matter if you’re out on the court or in the stands, make sure to wear an official jersey. Jerseys are available in both men’s and women’s cuts so that they fit perfectly no matter who is wearing them.

Don’t feel shy about wearing an NBA jersey.

Plenty of celebrities are caught sporting their team spirit on red carpets all year round. If anyone questions your fandom, just explain that the NBA is the most exciting league in the world and that you appreciate all of the hard work these athletes put into their craft.

How to style NBA jersey

An NBA jersey is like a blank canvas. Once you choose the perfect cut for it, it’s hooked up with high-quality lettering and patches, make sure to accessorize accordingly.

Here are some accessories that can add a personal touch to your fashion:

  • Socks – Add detail to your outfit by popping on an ankle sock in the same color as your shorts. It’s a simple way of showing off additional team spirit.
  • Headband – A definite must for hoopsters, but also perfect for adding flair to everyday attire.
  • Sneakers – The right pair of shoes can make a simple outfit to the next level.
  • Hat – All basketball players need a hat for when they’re on or off the court. There are tons of amazing snapbacks available in NBA team colors.


The history of basketball jerseys dates back to the 1890s when players first adapted their basketball uniforms from their team’s baseball counterparts. Over time, hoops attire has evolved into what it is today – a blend between sportswear and casual clothing.

Today, NBA jerseys are a must-have for basketball fans. Whether you’re hitting up the court yourself or watching from home while decked out in your own team’s gear, our guide will ensure that you get the best jersey for your fandom.

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