How Do The Cowboys Make The Playoffs?

Dallas Cowboys’ dominate the NFC East, but all too often fall just short of playoff victories. The mystery surrounding their postseason fate has led many to speculate as to what it will take for them to win a championship and fulfill their promise. There are many possibilities, from firings and trades on down. Let’s explore some of these options in this article about possible ways for Dallas to make the playoffs next season!

Can the Cowboys get the 1 seed?

The Cowboys have a chance at the 1 seed, but they are currently on a 3-game losing streak. They will need to win out and hope that other teams lose as well in order to get the 1 seed.

Can the Packers lose the 1 seed?

The Packers are currently the 1 seed in the NFC, but they have not yet clinched it. If they lose to the Bears this week, then the Vikings will be able to take over as the 1 seed.

Where did the Dallas Cowboys originally come from?

The Dallas Cowboys were originally established in the NFL in 1960, as an expansion team. They are currently one of the most successful teams in the NFL.

How can Green Bay get the number 1 seed?

Green Bay is currently the number 1 seed, but they are not guaranteed to stay that way. They have a chance of losing their spot to either New England or Pittsburgh.

Can the Packers lose the 1 seed?

The Packers are currently the 1 seed, but they could lose it to the Vikings. If the Packers lose and the Vikings win out, then Minnesota would be in first place with a better record than Green Bay.

Can the Lions still make the playoffs?

The Lions are in a tough spot this year. They have a lot of talent, but they are not playing well as a team. If the Lions want to make it into the playoffs, they will need to play better and win more games.

Did the Cowboys clinch a playoff spot?

The Cowboys clinched a playoff spot on the final day of the season. They finished with a 12-4 record and were able to clinch a playoff spot by winning their last game against the Redskins.

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