What Does Otl Mean In Hockey?

This is a hockey term used when the opposing team has too many players on the ice, and they are getting out-skated by their opponent. It typically happens during last few minutes of game to prevent losing.

What is a pigeon in hockey?

A pigeon is a small bird that is used in the sport of hockey. It is typically used to distract players on the opposing team by flying around and making noise.

What is a squid in hockey?

A squid is a type of marine animal that lives in the ocean. It has two long tentacles and a round body with eight arms. They are often found near the bottom of the sea, and they have large eyes.

What is icing the puck?

Icing the puck is a hockey strategy where the player on offense (the one with possession of the puck) passes it to a teammate, who then shoots it towards the goal.

What does PIN stand for in hockey?

A PIN is a pass code that is used to gain entry into a building. It is also the acronym for Personal Identification Number, which is a number assigned to an individual by their bank or credit card company.

What is GF GA in hockey?

The GF GA is a statistic in ice hockey that measures the number of goals scored by each team. It is calculated by dividing the total number of goals for by the total number of goals against.

What is NHL standing difference?

The NHL standing difference is the number of standings points a team has between it and the last place team. For example, if Team A has 100 points and Team B has 150 points, then Team A is in first place and Team B is in last place.

What does STRK mean in NHL?

The acronym STRK stands for Sudden Death Tie. This is a rule in the NHL that, if there is a tie after regulation time, then the game will be decided by a shootout.

What is sauce in hockey?

Sauce is a type of sauce that is used to add flavor and moisture to food. It can be made from many different ingredients, including tomatoes, vinegar, sugar, herbs, spices, and more.

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