What Does The W Mean For Cubs?

The Cubs are on the brink of their first World Series win since 1908. What does this mean for Chicago and Major League Baseball?

What does flying the flag mean?

Flying the flag means to show respect for a country or its people. It is also a way of showing that you are proud of your country and want to be associated with it.

How was Los Angeles named?

Los Angeles was named after the Spanish explorer, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo. He sailed into what is now known as San Pedro Bay in 1542 and claimed the land for Spain.

What is a quarantine flag?

A quarantine flag is a flag that is put on a player when they are suspected of cheating. This prevents the player from joining any games until their ban expires.

What is the black flag mean?

The black flag is a symbol of surrender. It is usually shown in the background of paintings and drawings, or as a sign that something has been destroyed.

What is a courtesy flag?

A courtesy flag is a way to show respect for other players. If you see someone with a courtesy flag, it means they are not currently playing and would like to be left alone.

Who made the 7th inning stretch famous?

The 7th inning stretch is a tradition in baseball that takes place during the seventh inning of games. It is typically done by fans and players alike, but it was first made famous by Chicago Cubs announcer Harry Caray in the 1970s.

Who started the tradition of singing Take Me Out to the Ball Game?

The song was written in 1908 by Jack Norworth and Albert Von Tilzer. It is a popular American baseball song that has been sung at the end of every game since 1908.

What does red white and blue mean on the Texas flag?

Red, white, and blue are the colors of the flag of Texas. The first settlers of Texas were known to use these colors in their flags as a sign of loyalty to Mexico.

What does the Texas pledge mean?

The Texas pledge is a pledge of allegiance to the state of Texas. It was first written by John H. Reagan in 1838 and has been recited at the start of every legislative session since then.

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