What Nfl Teams Have Never Been To The Super Bowl?

The NFL has been around for over a century and seen many teams come, go and come back. Some of these teams never even made it to the Super Bowl because they were simply not good enough that year or in general. Others had their years cut short due to issues like player strikes or injuries during the season. Find out which historic football franchises have never held up the Lombardi Trophy

Has the Arizona Cardinals ever won a Super Bowl?

The Arizona Cardinals have never won a Super Bowl. They were founded in 1898 and have played their home games at University of Phoenix Stadium since 2006.

Why is Jerry Jones rich?

Jerry Jones is a highly successful American businessman who owns the Dallas Cowboys. He has been involved in the NFL since its inception and is now one of the most influential people in sports.

Who actually owns AT&T Stadium?

AT&T Stadium was originally owned by the City of Arlington, Texas. In 2006, Jerry Jones purchased the stadium for $325 million and has since been renamed AT&T Stadium.

Who are the least successful NFL team?

The Buffalo Bills are the least successful NFL team. They have only won one playoff game in their history and have had a losing record for most of their existence.

Has any NFL team made the playoffs with a losing record?

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the only NFL team to make the playoffs with a losing record. They finished at 8-8 in 2008, but were able to qualify for the playoffs due to tiebreakers.

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