What Size Shoe Does Yao Ming Wear?

Yao Ming is a retired professional basketball player and the tallest active NBA center. He stands at 2.29 m (7 ft 6 in) tall, but his shoe size was never released publicly by Nike or any other company who has produced Yao’s shoes…

Can a size 9 fit a 10?

This is a difficult question to answer. It depends on what you mean by fit. If you are asking whether a size 9 shoe will fit your foot, then the answer would be no, it wont. However, if you are asking whether a size 10 shoe will fit in your closet, then the answer would be yes.

What size shoe if foot is 9 inches?

The size of a shoe is usually measured in inches. A foot is typically measured in centimeters, so 9 inches would be approximately equal to 27 centimeters.

How did Jeremy Lin get so tall?

Jeremy Lin is a basketball player for the Charlotte Hornets. He was born in 1988, which means he was 8 years old when he first started playing basketball. The average height of an 8 year old boy is around 4 feet 10 inches tall. So Jeremy Lins height could be explained by his natural growth spurt or by him being taller than other kids his age because of his skill on the court.

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