Where Was Canelo Alvarez Born?

Canelo Alvarez is a Mexican professional boxer, best known as the lineal middleweight champion. He is scheduled to defend his WBC title against Gennady Golovkin on September 16th and has been training for this bout in Big Bear Lake, CA.

Who is Canelo dad?

Canelo Alvarez is a Mexican professional boxer. He has been the lineal middleweight champion since 2013, and he is ranked as the best active fighter in boxing by BoxRec.

What weight is Canelo?

Canelo is a Mexican professional boxer who has fought in the light middleweight division. He is currently the WBC, WBA, and Ring Magazine Light Middleweight Champion. His weight is around 155 pounds.

What does Fernanda Gómez do?

Fernanda Gómez is an actress and singer. She has appeared in many movies, including The Fault in Our Stars, Step Up 2: The Streets, and the TV series Jane the Virgin.

What is Canelo Alvarez favorite music?

Canelo Alvarez is a Mexican professional boxer. He has been fighting professionally since he was 16 years old, and has won 46 of his 49 fights so far. His favorite music is hip-hop.

Who is Canelo Alvarez trainer?

Canelo Alvarez is a Mexican professional boxer and former unified world light middleweight champion. He is trained by Abel Sanchez, who is also the trainer of Gennady Golovkin.

Could Floyd beat Canelo now?

Floyd Mayweather is a professional boxer and Canelo Alvarez is a professional boxer. The two of them are not the same thing, so it would be impossible for Floyd to beat Canelo in a fight.

How did Oscar De La Hoya lose to Mayweather?

Oscar De La Hoya lost to Floyd Mayweather because he was not at his best in the fight. He was knocked down three times and did not have a chance to win the fight.

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