KD’s NBA Achievements

Kevin Durant has been the face of the Oklahoma City Thunder since he joined them in 2008. He led his team to an average of 50 wins per season and a Western Conference Finals appearance in 2012. His 2014-2015 season included being named an NBA All-Star for the 5th time, making his 3rd All-NBA team,… Continue reading KD’s NBA Achievements

New Famous Boxers

Boxing has been a part of culture since the first great empires, with many modern stars serving as respectable role models to millions of children and adults worldwide. Boxing is a sport where everyone can find something that they enjoy about it; from the entertainment value of two people slugging it out toe-to-toe to the… Continue reading New Famous Boxers

Why Baseball Was Invented

There are many theories out there about why baseball was invented, but no one really knows for sure. Some say that it was created as a way to keep people active and healthy, while others believe that it was designed as a more civilized version of cricket. Still others think that baseball was simply created… Continue reading Why Baseball Was Invented

What Does Arbys Stand For

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Arbys as, “a restaurant that sells roast beef sandwiches and french fries”. Among the people of this country, however, Arbys is known to stand for much more. Enterprising individuals have capitalized on the franchises long standing reputation in the fast food culture by using internet memes to create a new definition for… Continue reading What Does Arbys Stand For

When Does the Superbowl Start

The Superbowl is one of the most anticipated sporting events in the United States. The game is played by two teams of professional American football players, and the winner is usually determined by how many points they score. The game is typically held in late January or early February, and this year it will take… Continue reading When Does the Superbowl Start