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The reaction on Twitter to Inauguration Day

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Inauguration Day is approaching in the United States, and people all over the country are preparing to celebrate the peaceful power transfer. Many people will turn to Twitter on this special day to discuss their opinions and reactions to the unfolding events.

In this article, we will explore what to expect when it comes to Twitter reaction on Inauguration Day 2021.

Overview of US Inauguration Day

Inauguration Day is important in the United States, as it marks the beginning of a new presidential term. It takes place every four years and is usually a public holiday. The day’s ceremonies are conducted according to a strict protocol. They include activities such as an inaugural address, parade and review of troops, oath-taking ceremony (typically held at noon on January 20th), and parties hosted by the incoming President and Vice President.

The first Inauguration Day in America was on April 30th 1789 when former president George Washington was sworn in as the country’s first Chief Executive. The day begins with a solemn ceremony that includes a prayer followed by an inauguration speech given by the incoming or current president at the U.S Capitol building in Washington DC, followed by a 21-gun salute honouring America’s flag. Afterward, members of Congress escort the president in a motorcade where they participate in events such as laying wreaths at monuments or military bases and putting their hand on bibles as they take their oath of office. Finally, the day culminates with Inaugural Balls held across Washington DC for celebratory purposes.

The 2021 inauguration for incoming President Joe Biden is set to take place on January 20th 2021 – making it the 58th presidential inauguration since 1789. This event will be one for history books – not only because of its significance but also due to its challenges posed by COVID-19 safety protocols, security challenges from recent US election events, and much more. There are sure to be some memorable moments from this historic momentous occasion!

Expectations for Twitter

The day of any major event brings about high anticipation and expectations for what may come. Ahead of the 2021 inauguration, many people worldwide used Twitter to express their feelings on the progression of United States democracy. As a dominant platform for public debate and active engagement, Twitter has become a space for public discourse during important political events.

The morning of January 20th was no exception to this trend; expectations run high as Americans and other global citizens took to social media platforms like Twitter to share their thoughts on Inauguration Day. The overall trends included expressions of celebration, hope, anguish, disbelief, joy, shock and more — painting an intricate picture of humanity’s collective response to what was taking place in Washington D.C.

For some users, the focus was on real-time discussions: predictions about what would happen throughout the day and observations on the official proceedings in Washington D.C.. Others turned their attention to less literal forms: sharing photos or videos from America’s past or images representing hope for our future leaders. Finally, several people used memes and GIFs to explain our complicated emotions surrounding this historical moment.

No matter how different our perspectives might be – it is clear that our common passion for democracy ties us together in meaningful ways – even through digital spaces such as Twitter!

Pre-Inauguration Day

With the Presidential Inauguration on Wednesday 20th January 2021, Twitter has become abuzz with anticipation and excitement. Many social media users expect a flurry of tweets, hot takes, and memes on the big day. So, what can we expect to see on U.S. Inauguration Day?

Let’s take a closer look.

What to expect on Twitter on US Inauguration Day

Days leading up to the Inauguration Day, Twitter users were excited as the first African American president was about to be inaugurated. Across social media networks, people shared their excitement for this momentous event and encouraged others to join in. Trending hashtags such as #HopeforChange or #YesWeCan showed a population hungry for new leadership and a revitalised outlook on the nation’s future. In addition, politicians and celebrities used the platform to speak out on why this day was important and why citizens needed to get behind their newly elected leaders.

As Inauguration Day approached, storylines emerged around themes of unity, positivity, patriotism, and democracy as individuals celebrated the potential of Obama’s presidency. For many users on Twitter, this day became a unique opportunity to rally around a leader who sought change while inspiring future generations with a heavy emphasis on inclusion of all types of citizens into ‘the conversation’.

Twitter reacted in real-time with tweets speculating what the coming four years would bring for America within minutes after Obama took office with his address at midday on January 20th 2009. Those watching from home or online engaged online with their peers in lively debates about how these four anticipated years could improve civic life in amazing ways that had never been seen before. These forward-thinking tweets ultimately helped shape conversations across America as media coverage served to amplify many voices that had been silenced before President Obama’s first day in office.

Hashtags trending

As the world gears up for the Inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, numerous hashtags have emerged on social media platforms to show support and anticipation. The most popular hashtags are #InaugurationDay, #CongressionalInauguralGala, #Inauguration2021 and #BlackandBluesTieAffair.

Using these hashtags helps connect people to a shared cause regarding the Inauguration. By bringing together a collective voice across platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or TikTok, users dedicate posts that urge support for the new administration or simply offer their best wishes for what’s to come.

The general prevailing sentiment from most users is one of positivity and hope — many voicing eagerness for Biden and Harris to usher in major changes for America. At its core, clicktivism involves using these hashtags to build momentum around an issue— in this case, celebrating the Inauguration Day of America’s new President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris — while also seeking help in addressing important global problems in current times.

twitter wednesday inauguration day potus bidenfeinercnbc

Prominent figures

Prominent figures are using social media to express their reactions to the upcoming Inauguration Day. From elected officials to celebrities, many have taken this opportunity to publicly state how they feel about current events and the incoming administration.

Government officials have shared their thoughts about Inauguration Day on Twitter. For example, President-elect Joe Biden indicated his enthusiasm for the historic event with an inspiring message: “Today marks an incredibly important day for our nation – and I’m grateful I can participate. On January 20th, the United States will enter a new era of progress and possibility.” Other political figures, such as Vice President-elect Kamala Harris and Senator Bernie Sanders, have also taken to Twitter to support democracy and a new beginning for America.

Celebrities also used Twitter leading up to Inauguration Day to show their support for the incoming government leadership. Popular singers Demi Lovato, Pink and John Legend voiced messages encouraging Americans to honour democracy through participation in this year’s election activities. Meanwhile other influencers such as actors Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Aniston and Eva Longoria supported Joe Biden’s campaign while paying homage to outgoing President Donald Trump with gratitude for his accomplishments during his term in office.

As Inauguration Day nears, these prominent figures highlight what many feel is an exciting historical moment—the non-partisan solidarity feels like a fresh start for America’s future!

During Inauguration Day

During Inauguration Day, Twitter is usually abuzz with people’s reactions to the ceremony, discussing politics, sharing opinions and highlighting news and events. As a result, many people turn to Twitter during this time to stay informed, engage in conversations and find out what others say about the day’s events.

Let’s look at things people can expect on Twitter on Inauguration Day.

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Live reactions

Inauguration Day has become a major event for social media with many people joining forces to post their thoughts and opinions about the event. On this special day, Twitter was abuzz with people from around the world live-tweeting the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. These Twitter users shared their joy and celebration on January 20th, 2021 as they witnessed history in the making created by one of the most diverse administrations in United States history.

Many users posted photos and videos capturing a wide range of reactions. Some people posted messages of support for the new government while others shared a more sceptical view. During this time, tweets about Inauguration Day were incredibly diverse representing different ages, backgrounds, experiences and perspectives from across gender identities and sexualities. Twitter users used hashtags such as #InaugurationDay2021, #CelebrateBidenHarrisInaugural3am PT to capture their impressions on inauguration day.

Live reactions on Twitter showed how even those unable to physically attend could be part of an incredible moment in United States history that will be remembered for generations.

Memes and GIFs

Since the inauguration of President Biden, social networks have been full of memes and GIFs celebrating the new administration. These images are often humorous, cleverly designed, and intended to help create a sense of virtual community or shared experience around this historically significant event.

Many memes and GIFs make fun of the political divide by commenting on specific events during the inauguration ceremony or highlighting important moments in U.S. history. These may include quotes from speeches, photographs from memorable moments, references to popular culture, or funnier jokes such as a meme featuring former presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama seated together during the ceremony with Bush whispering something to Obama while smiling as he did so.

Other types of GIFs and memes celebrated President Biden’s victory by invoking memories of his previous time as vice president with images showing him interacting with world leaders like Prime Ministers Trudeau and Merkel or relating to his key campaign promises such as reminding people to ‘build back better.’

The ubiquity of these images reflects their tremendous impact; they provide a shared narrative that resonates across different political views, geographic locations, age groups, gender identities, religions and more. As digital culture continues to evolve in 2021 and beyond memes and GIFs will likely remain an integral part storytelling online – capturing our thoughts during both happy every day moments as well as monumental occasions like Inauguration Day 2021 that can bridge divides between differing factions especially when combined with thought regardless if for good or bad purposes.

twitter wednesday day potus bidenfeinercnbc

Discussion of the event

During Joe Biden’s January 20th, 2021 inauguration as the 46th President of the United States, Twitter users worldwide and from all walks of life came to discuss the day and its events. Many users discussed their initial reactions when President-Elect Biden entered the Capitol for his swearing-in ceremony, President-Elect Kamala Harris becoming the nation’s first female Vice President, Lady Gaga singing the national anthem, or Rev. Dr. Silvester Beaman delivering a blessing near the end of proceedings.

Other topics raised by Twitter users included expressing gratitude for their predecessors Barack Obama and Michelle Obama; marvelling at Vice President Harris’ becoming both the first woman elected to national office and also its first African American person; discussing how historic this moment was for women all over America; expressing admiration for stellar performances by Jennifer Lopez and Garth Brooks; debating what would happen with COVID-19 vaccinations moving forward; praising former president Trump after he departs from Washington DC; commenting on how difficult it is to unify a divided nation; sharing hopes that unity can be achieved soon; discussing ideas on changing systemic inequalities within our nation’s political system; expressing relief that some sort of peace has been restored in our government framework.

It was clear on Inauguration Day that Twitter was full of posts ranging from heartfelt messages to angry criticism regarding current societal issues — all converging around one unifying moment during this crucial presidential transition: Joe Biden entering into office as America’s 46th President.

Post-Inauguration Day

As the world watched the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the President and Vice President of the United States, there was an outpouring of reactions on Twitter. With people from different countries, backgrounds, and political views weighing in on the historic day, it is interesting to observe the various reactions on the platform.

Post-inauguration Day, let us take a closer look at the conversations on Twitter and what to expect.

Reflection on the day

Inauguration Day was met with praise and criticism, as many people took to social media to reflect their feelings about the historic event. Twitter trends such as #inaugurationday and #americaunites offered insight into everyday Americans’ thoughts, with many celebrating the day while others expressed disappointment. In addition, the hash tag #KamalaHarris became a worldwide trend as people shared their excitement over the inauguration of a woman Vice President.

The overall atmosphere on Twitter was full of optimism, good wishes, and a sense of hope for the future. Supporters of President Biden’s plan shared images, tweets expressing pride in the country’s progress, and calls to support one another during these uncertain times. In light of the insurrection at The Capitol several weeks prior, others highlighted lessons learned in resilience and peacebuilding.

Vice President Harris’s powerful speech addressing youth nationwide was inspiring in many ways: her words urging young citizens that America is “stronger when we work together” echoed across social media platforms. Hashtags for minorities were also popular; among these were #LatinosForBiden #BlackInaugurationDay and #MuslimAmericansForBiden which highlighted stories from minority groups that felt important to share with those who may not typically come across them.

Among citizens online there was an earnest appreciation for democracy – including its diversity – reflected in tweets such as @staceyabbott’s “it does not matter who you voted for…America came together today!” Many congratulated this day as history has been made regardless of party preference or beliefs.

Analysis of the event

On Inauguration Day, millions worldwide watched to witness the formal transition of power between presidential administrations. This event is usually celebrated with pomp and ceremony, but this year it was also celebrated with restrictive security measures in response to potential acts of violence.

The day after the event, analysts began pouring over the details surrounding the event to assess major takeaways and changes that could arise from it. This post-inauguration day analysis generally considers factors such as security measures, political rhetoric and demonstrations of public support or opposition that were seen during the ceremony.

Within this context, analysts consider various data points, such as public opinion polls, media coverage and news reports surrounding protests at the location or on social media. Through this approach, analysts can develop an understanding of how various aspects underlying Inauguration Day impacted public perception in conjunction with shifts in U.S. policies and international relations that are likely to transpire during a new presidential administration’s tenure. Additionally, identifying weaknesses in prevention efforts can inform a better evaluation system for future Inauguration Days and provide insight into more effective strategies for managing similar events.

Lasting impact of the day

Post-inauguration day has a lasting impact, not just on the United States and its citizens, but worldwide. Historically, it is seen as a moment of unity — a pivotal point for the new leader to extend invitation and hope to those left out or marginalised. It is also an opportunity for the new president to introduce his ideas, vision and policies that will shape our future domestically and internationally.

The days following inauguration are critical — they set the tone for what lies ahead. All branches of government must move quickly to tackle immediate issues and begin working together to provide solutions that meet the needs of all Americans. This includes continuing dialogue about racism and structural inequality and persistent efforts towards expanding healthcare access, creating jobs, protecting our environment and more.

In addition to guiding policy, this period should be time for reflection to better understand our history and draw deeper lessons from what has been achieved. Lastly, Inauguration Day should leave us with a clear sense of purpose — motivating us further in striving toward a more perfect union that offers equitable opportunity to all people regardless of identity or background.

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