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The Complete List of All the Apple Stickers You Can Ever Find

Lately, Apple has been releasing new sticker packs as a way to express their sense of humor and creativity.  In this article, we have collected all of those sticker packs for your convenience so you can download them all on one page.

What are the Apple Stickers For?

Apple Stickers are a collection of images that make up larger pictures or can be used as emoji. You can use them in iMessage to enhance your conversations by sending these stickers instead of actual emojis.

Some people use it as a way of expressing their thoughts and emotions via the iPhone’s messaging app. However, other than these two ways of using these stickers, it’s limited to your imagination.

Why should you download all the Apple Stickers?

By downloading and saving all the sticker packs for iMessage in one page, you can quickly go through each pack and download whichever ones that suit your fancy. This will save you time from having to search every single one of them in the App Store one by one.

How to use the Apple Stickers in iMessage?

Once you have all these stickers downloaded on your iPhone, go to your iMessage app and start off a conversation with somebody. Click the App button (the square with an arrow sticking out of it). You will then see various apps that can be used in your conversation.

Click on the Apple Stickers app and you will see all the stickers that we have gathered here. From there, you can choose whatever sticker(s) you want to add on your iMessage chat.

How To Download All The Apple Sticker Packs for iMessage on Mac or PC using iTunes

If you would like to download all the Apple Stickers on your Mac or PC, using iTunes is undoubtedly the easiest way. Here’s how:

1) Open up iTunes and navigate to the App Store page (make sure you’re signed in).

2) Search for “Apple Stickers” and click Get next to whichever app catch your fancy.

3) Click on the Apps tab at the top of iTunes and find your sticker app. Click Install then click Confirm when prompted about making changes to your phone.

4) That’s it! All the Apple Stickers are now in one place for you to enjoy. Let us know which sticker pack is your favorite by dropping a comment below!

How to Use or Take Off an Apple Sticker

If you have downloaded one or more of these sticker packs, you can manage them at anytime. To do this:

1) Open the Messages app and start a new conversation with somebody.

2) Click the App button (the square with an arrow sticking out of it).

3) Find your sticker pack by scrolling through all the apps.

4) Click on any sticker pack, this will open it up for you to use. Then click and drag each individual sticker into your conversation bubble. You can also combine or stack 2 stickers together which gives your messages a more personal touch!

5) If you want to take off the Apple Sticker at any time, simply click and hold down on the sticker you want to remove. Select the X at the top left of your screen, then confirm by clicking Remove.

What is the Best Place to Find New Apple Sticker Packs

Finding different sticker packs can be difficult, especially since the App Store only gives you a list of popular ones. However, there are several ways to go about finding new Apple Sticker Packs.

One way is by searching for it in Google or Bing’s search bar when using your iPhone’s Safari app. This allows you to find all sorts of new sticker packs that you might not normally find in the App Store. Another way to get new Apple Sticker Packs is by checking on sites like Pinterest or Tumblr for different users who create their own sticker packs.

Apple Stickers for iMessage are generally found in the Apple Store. Keep clicking on different links or tags to find more stickers that suit your taste!


If you find yourself running out of ideas or feeling like your iMessage chats could be more interesting, why not spice things up with some Apple Stickers. Once all the sticker packs are downloaded on your iPhone via this page, go to iMessages to enjoy them!