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Why Does My Apple Music Keep Skipping Songs

Apple devices’ most powerful music app,’ Apple Music,’ is receiving complaints from users. They reported that this app randomly skips songs. You might wonder, “why does my Apple Music keep skipping” and how to resolve this issue. If yes, consider reading this post.

Even though this problem is simple to troubleshoot, understanding its main causes and their potential solutions will provide you ease. So, let’s discover them in detail in this guide to keep enjoying your favorite music or song.

What Makes Songs Skip on Apple Music?

Apple Music is the best app to access songs, playlists, music genres, and more. However, if you want to access songs with real-time lyrics, use Apple Music Sing. How to use Apple Music Sing? If this is what you are wondering, it’s simple, like Apple Music. But skipping songs is disappointing users to some extent.  

Users encounter two kinds of skipping on the Apple Music app. One is like a scratched CD (technically called lagging), while the other is skipping songs completely. An outdated version, poor internet, corrupt music files, and cache problems can cause this issue.

Turn Off Lossless in Apple Music

The first trick you can implement to solve Apple Music skipping songs is to turn off the Lossless option. After that, download the playlist again. To start with the disabling process, navigate to Settings.

Now, click on Music. Move ahead to Audio Quality and then disable the Lossless Audio option. Once you do that, remove your current playlist and download it again. Find out if the app is still skipping songs in albums and playlists.

Update Your iOS Version

The iOS version updates are released to fix bugs that make Dolby Atmos and Lossless Audio songs stop playing randomly. Hence, ignoring the new updates can’t solve software glitches that make Apple Music not function properly.

If you are not sure whether you have any waiting iOS updates, then check it by navigating to Settings. Click on the General button and then tap on Software Update. However, when you use the Apple Music app on Android, check the update in the Google Play Store.


Disable and Enable Sync Library

This tip is recommended when you use the Sync Library feature in the Apple Music app. First, disable this feature and then enable it again. It will help in refreshing the underlying settings and give a fresh start to it.

To get started with turning off and on this feature:

  1. Click on Settings.
  2. Tap on the Music option.
  3. Switch the toggle off next to the Sync Library.
  4. Keep waiting for some seconds and turn the toggle on again.
  5. Remove your album and download it again.

Fix Poor Internet Connectivity

Bad or lack of internet connectivity is another reason that makes you think, “why does my Apple Music keep skipping.” The song may skip when you start the song and then lose the internet connection before the file completes caching.

Hence, as a troubleshooting tip, check your internet connection speed. Find out how it is performing well. Not just the broadband connection but also test the connectivity of your cellular data. Consider the ping as well as the downloading speed.

Fix Corrupted Music Files

When you have downloaded the file on your mobile device, there is a possibility of having a corrupted music file. It may be much similar to the corrupt cache file. To fix the problem of corrupted files, locate the problematic songs in your Apple Music app.

Access your library and then find the songs that are causing an issue. Now, tap and keep holding the track. Next, click on Remove and then tap Remove Download. Then, download a new copy or play the song during streaming. After removing the local copy, clear the cache.  

Check Bluetooth Connection

Fixing the Bluetooth connectivity issue is a possible solution to troubleshoot Apple Music skipping song errors. So, check your Bluetooth connectivity. But first, ensure that your device is completely charged. Now, make sure that your device is placed within close range.

This may rely on your environment. So, bring your Bluetooth device near the device you’re playing the songs on. Turn the Bluetooth toggle off and turn it on again. Disconnect the devices and pair the two devices again.


The Conclusion

So, now you are very well aware of the reasons and potential solutions for Apple Music skipping songs. You can enjoy listening to your favorite songs, playlist, or music genre without dealing with skipping or slow performance problems.

Subscribers will get over 75 million tracks to listen to live radio stations and offline listening. Sometimes, it happens that the Apple Music app itself causes problems. In that circumstance, uninstall and reinstall the app when you have already restarted the Music app and your device.