Author: Bradley Simpson

  • How Much Does it Cost to Play Golf

    The cost of playing golf can vary depending on the location and type, of course, you choose to play on.  In general, the cost of playing golf will include greens fees, cart rental, and club rental. The greens fees are the fee you pay to play on the course, and this price can vary depending […]

  • The Legacy of Floyd Mayweather Jr

    Floyd Mayweather Jr. was born in 1977 to a boxer and a housekeeper. He is the first man to make over $1 billion from professional boxing matches, and is currently undefeated with 49 wins (0 losses). He has become the unofficial pound-for-pound number one fighter in the world. He has been an active boxer from […]

  • Why is OTA important to NFL

    It’s not only the players who benefit from OTAs. Coaches also find it useful to be able to see what works and what doesn’t, as well as getting a first-hand look at new players for their team. Plus, coaches can use OTAs to put together a game plan for the upcoming season ahead of time […]

  • Kobe Bryant’s Rookie Year in NBA

    Kobe Bryant’s rookie year in NBA was a tough one. It may have been his rookie year, but he only played in 6 games and was constantly sidelined with injuries. The team as a whole didn’t do so well either as they finished with a 19-31 record. However, this was just the beginning for this […]

  • The Downfall of Mike Tyson’s Life

    Former heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson found himself in serious financial trouble following his prison sentence for a rape conviction. He filed for bankruptcy in 2003 with liabilities of $27 million and assets of just $3 million. Tyson filed for bankruptcy again in 2003, claiming $27 million dollars in debt to $3 or so million dollars […]

  • Army-Navy’s Rivalry

    Army-Navy’s Rivalry is the college football rivalry, pride and tradition. It is hailed as the best rivalry in all of sports and it has been going on for 120 years. Army and Navy play each other every November and the game lasts about 3 hours. The winner of this game gets to hold a trophy […]

  • The Unexpected Comeback of Michael Jordan in NBA

    On March 18th, 1995 Michael Jordan announced his retirement from the NBA. He said he had nothing left to prove and would spend his time on other interests like golfing. However, after a three-year break, MJ made an unexpected comeback in 2001. This was viewed with surprise by many fans and commentators alike. Jordan was […]

  • Making a football for professional athletes

    Football balls are one of the most important aspects in a game. Without footballs, there would be no game. Footballs need to have an official stamp on them that tells you it is approved by the NFL and that it has been inspected for safety purposes. Every ball has a unique number; this number identifies […]

  • The Era of Sting the Wrestler

    When it comes to wrestling, a lot of people only know about the current crop of wrestlers. There are many “old school” wrestlers who have made an impact on the sport that should not be forgotten. One such wrestler is Sting. Sting was one of the most popular wrestlers from the 1980s and 1990s, and […]

  • The Importance of Quarterback in Football

    Football is the most loved game in America. It has a special place in sports history and it’s not just because of its popularity—it is also one of the most difficult games to understand. The quarterback for any team is critical, as he or she can determine whether his or her team wins or loses. […]